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Your membership in ASFMA advances public awareness of mediation, arbitration and understanding of the advantages of alternate dispute resolution.

Educational Programs

ASFMA holds two full day educational programs yearly with exceptional key note speakers resulting in multiple CME, CLE and CEU credits required for re-certification. Regular educational luncheons with key note speakers are available for credit also. These programs are provided at a reduced rate for members.

Internet Advertising

When the public searches for a Mediator or Arbitrator through all the popular search engines, members of ASFMA are easily located on line. A membership module on the ASFMA website details each member and provides opportunities for members to include critical information about their expertise and mediation practice.

Webinars, Podcasts & Resources

Regular online live educational webinars are held each year which provide opportunity for credit and are offered at a discount to members. The ASFMA site provides Podcasts for credit to members only also. In addition, there are other educational resources in the ASFMA on line library in the form of PDF material which are available to members only.

Networking Opportunities

Each educational program and social event held by ASFMA is always a networking opportunity. Cards are shared, contacts are made and the face to face contact educates and builds professional relationships.

Mentorship Opportunities

ASFMA provides a forum to connect new Mediators with seasoned professionals for mentorship on an as needed basis. Also, seasoned mediators are afforded opportunities to expand their professional practice by providing the valuable service of mentorship to those new in the field of mediation.

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